A proof-of-concept study on students’ perceptions of anatomy distance learning based on a Proust-like survey


  • Katia Cortese Università di Genova
  • Marco Frascio Università di Genova

Parole chiave:

anatomy education, Proust questionnaire, remote learning, COVID19, pharmacy


The COVID-19 pandemic imposed a shift to virtual education as temporary solution applied as learning strategy. This study was designed to understand the emotional challenges and opinions regarding remote teaching of anatomy on 1st year pharmacy students. A multiple open-ended Proust-like questionnaire was designed. The majority of students (62.6%) appreciated the possibility to attend both the online classes or the recorded lessons at will, while 24.4% enjoyed the possibility to attend the lessons without traveling and in the comfort of their homes. 68% affirmed to take advantage of internet (mainly Google search, You Tube
videos as additional tools. Students fear failure of WI-FI connection (59.6%) and the accidental turning on of the camera or microphone (40.4%). The students afford a full day of distance learning relaxed and confident (68.4%), while 31.6% with indolence and lack of motivation. 53% of students would be happier and more interested to face to face classes due to easier interactions with the teacher and companions, but the 42.6% declare any difference between the two teaching modalities. The take home message of this experience is that some aspects of the remote learning may be useful especially for students living far from the University and that for future anatomy education a relevant modification could be the blended mode of teaching in presence and online mode.



2023-03-21 — Aggiornato il 2023-09-08