La inclusión de la diversidad funcional. Una nueva oportunidad para el feminismo en España

Soledad Arnau Ripollés


In this paper we are going to reflect on the position of women with functional diversity. It is essential that a new line of research/action be established that we can call: feminism of and from the perspective of functional diversity. Feminism needs to open up new horizons which include the diversity in women that exists, and the feminism proposed by women with functional diversity can be very enriching and necessary.

The approach to women and LGTBQI + people, all with functional diversity, must be carried out from an intersectional stance which also analyzes the multiple discriminations that they suffer. Functional diversity together with sexual and/or gender diversity, as well as other factors such as social class, race, ethnicity, age..., determine the identity and development of a person within society. Feminisms from the standpoint of functional diversity or queer-crip theories can become important references in dismantling these multiple discriminations.

Keywords: functional diversity, feminism of functional diversity, feminist theory, intersectionality, queer-crip theories.




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