About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Though gender studies have been established for decades on the international academic scene, in Italy they are still having trouble consolidating in terms of institutional recognition. Courses, examinations and programmes that could formally validate this field of studies are in short supply, and it is only thanks to personal initiatives and efforts that the so-called ‘gender question’ has been allotted space for public discussion. By the same token, academic research in the field mostly follows individual paths, hardly ever supported by structured confrontation, debate and visibility. So far, the Italian contribution to gender studies has thus failed to find an adequate institutional collocation, even within the potentially fertile area of Humanities.

For these reasons AG About Gender - International Journal of Gender Studies has been set up. Its main objective is to constitute a concrete and visible point of reference for scholars who are conducting research about gender, from within and without Academia. The journal’s interdisciplinary vocation is meant to support and value dialogue and contamination among different interpretative approaches and analytical perspectives. Its aim is to promote an international debate based on the following:

  • Gathering and furthering stimuli to build a fruitful debate on gender studies;

  • Spreading a gender culture that could combine historical memory and interpretative innovation;

  • Overcoming disciplinary barriers;

  • Fostering intergenerational dialogue and valuing young researchers’ contributions;

  • Promoting the development and diffusion of as yet underexplored trends within our cultural and academic context, such as queer and masculinities studies.

Therefore, AG adopts a perspective of permanent dialogue and confrontation, favouring openness and diversity. Besides articles, reviews of national and international publications, research papers and doctoral theses presentations will be welcomed, so as to stimulate an ever-updated debate about current studies.


Publishing Policy

The journal accepts contributions, both in Italian and in English, that are selected by anonymous peer review.