Origini e nuovi possibili scenari dell'Intersectionality Theory: dal genere allo spazio urbano

Alba Angelucci


This paper aims to produce a theoretical in-depth examination about the Intersectionality Theory. It retraces the principal steps of this approach, from its theoretical roots to the present day, suggesting potential developments and new applications. Therefore, this work is meant to be an introduction to the Intersectionality Theory and, at the same time, it tries to go a step forward respect to the present state of the art. Indeed, the final intent is to propose the intersectionality paradigm to connect two particular fields of study: gender studies and urban sociology. The intersectional perspective enables researchers to include categories pertinent to spatial dimension in the analysis of the relation between gender and city, overcoming limits that affected previous works in this field of study.


Keywords: intersectionality, gender, space, city




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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15167/2279-5057/ag.2015.4.8.274


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