Congedi parentali, maschilità ibride e nuova paternità in Italia: un complicato ménage à trois

Maddalena Cannito


The article explores the relationship between the use of parental leaves by twenty-five men in Italy and the so-called involved fatherhood. The new expectations about involved fatherhood do not seem to be the main driver for men to take parental leave. Most of the fathers in the sample, in fact, decided to go on leave just because of practical problems. However, the 'will to be there' for the children is the leitmotiv of all interviews and the use of the leave has a positive effect on the redefinition of fatherhood and masculinity towards less traditional models. The inclusion in the construction of their identity of practices of childcare, usually considered feminine, allow these men to perform a hybrid form of masculinity. Nevertheless, even if a push towards a more involved fatherhood and towards a redefinition of the characteristics of the traditional masculinity is ongoing, these new forms of masculinity seem to question hegemony only partially. 


Keywords: parental leave; involved fatherhood; hybrid masculinities.


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