Nessuna pietà per il piccolo Tim. Hocquenghem, Edelman e la questione del futuro

Lorenzo Bernini


According to Teresa De Lauretis (2010, 87) it is «a manifesto for the twenty-first century», according to Leo Bersani (2008, 45) it is «the classic textbook of the horror of heterosexual breeding». In the last decade Lee Edelman’s essay No Future. Queer Theory and the Death Drive (2004) provoked an intense debate among U.S. lesbian, gay and trans intellectuals. Since the author persistently refers to Guy Hocquenghem, this article offers a comparison between the two in order to make both a critique and a praise of Edelman’s book. For many, No Future represents the end of Queer theories: my claim is that it provides us with a chance to reopen the hope for an “after the end”.

Keywords: queer politics and psychoanalysis, childhood, death drive

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