Improper Subjects: Thoughts on Discrimination Bills and Online Discrimination Against Lgbtiq People




Abstract: In Argentina, Lgbtiq organizations have recently attempted to change anti-discriminations bills with no luck. Some of their legislative bills included requests to regulate online content. Here I argue that discrimination bills must include discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and its expressions. But our study showed that moderators cannot help protect users from hateful content and can do very little to prevent violence in online spaces. We found that attacks against Lgbtiq people in Lgbtiq blogs were common, and they are now being discriminated against in the name of freedom of speech and religious freedom. Moreover, the perpetrators used religious discrimination as a way to defend themselves from further attacks.

Keywords: discrimination, Lgbtiq, communication, Internet, blogs.

Author Biography

Magali Daniela Perez Riedel, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes

Magalí Pérez Riedel holds a PhD in Communication. She specializes on research topics such as genders, sexualities, discrimination, discourse and online communication. She is the author of the book Gender and sexual diversity in the blog Boquitas Pintadas [original title: Género y diversidad sexual en el blog Boquitas Pintadas].