Lavoratrici subordinate e differenziali retributivi: disposizioni nazionali e recenti politiche comunitarie


  • Luciana Guaglianone Università di Brescia



The article highlights how the gender pay gaps remain a  discriminating factor increasing  even in front of appropriate regulations. This is due to the lack of attention paid by different social actors to the problems of the difference between the genders.  This situation might worse due to the provisions contained in art. 8 D. L. n. 148/2011 and in  AI, of 28 June 2011 which allow the infringement of the law provisions relating to contractual frameworks. In the article's final part, the author also examines the recent European Union policy  pointing out that in order to reach the objectives set out by the EU in the document Europe 2020 a strategy of gender equality has to be included in the very heart of the European political debate.

Keywords: Gender Pay Gap, European Union, Social Partners.

Author Biography

Luciana Guaglianone, Università di Brescia

Dipartimento di GiurisprudenzaProfessore associato di Diritto del lavoro