The role of institutions in contrasting gender-based violence: the experience of the Tuscany Region


  • Daniela Bagattini Indire, Italy
  • Silvia Brunori Regione Toscana, Italy
  • Luca Caterino Federsanità ANCI Toscana, Italy



The aim of this work is to analyze the relationship between institutions and e civil society, towards the common goal of combating gender-based violence, as advocated by the Istanbul Convention: starting from policies for protection, we will suggest policies to be implemented for prevention to gender-based violence. Specifically, the subject of the contribution will be the analysis of the main policies implemented by the Tuscany Region in the last fifteen years, through the collaboration between public and non-public entities. As we shall see, there were two crucial junctures in this process which we shall revisit: first of all, the birth and growth of local networks built between the institutions (as municipalities, hospitals, social services) and no profit sector (mainly women's associations); after that, the dissemination throughout the territory of locally tested models and good practices.

Keywords: gender based violence, network, integrated policies, antiviolence centres.