La penalizzazione dell'aborto in Nicaragua: accordi politici sui corpi delle donne


  • Roberta Granelli



This research want to analyze the political discourses produced in Nicaragua in favor of abortion ban. The investigation starts from a feminist position of the author and was developed by a gender perspective, used throughout the work. The theoric background is determinated by the political idea that abortion is a multifactorial issue but here is treated as a women’s human right. To analyze political discourses, as speeches, interviews or declarations, is necessary doing an investigation on Nicaragua’s context and take into account the differents political actors and their mutual relationships. Particulary the research tries to examine the relationships of Frente Sandinista Party with all the others characters on the political scene, like feminist and womens groups, Churches and International agencies or associations for Human Rights. Finally, the intention of this work is try to explain how the justifications used for the abortion ban are the product of political power that doesn’t recognize women’s human rights instead concludes political pacts on their bodies.