Libere di scegliere? L’aborto delle donne migranti in Italia tra politiche migratorie, sfruttamento lavorativo e casi estremi di abusi e violenza


  • Alessandra Sciurba Università degli Studi di Palermo



The essay takes into account theincrease in the number of abortion among migrant women in Italy in the widercontext of the living conditions of these women which are often subjected to a  multiple discrimination related to gender, migrantstatus, and kind of job. The feminizationof migrations towards Italy is put in connection with the feminization of thelabour market and with the arrival of specific nationalities of migrants. After havingcompared the data related to the abortion with respect to Italian and migrant women,this contribution enter into the details of the socio-economic characteristicsof these second ones’ life, by analyzing the bond existingwith the recourse to abortion. Far from any perspectiveof victimization of these women, the essay aims to question their actual freedom of choice, and concludes with ananalysis of a case of extreme violence and exploitation.

Author Biography

Alessandra Sciurba, Università degli Studi di Palermo

Assegnista di Ricerca presso il Dipartimento Beni culturali e Studi culturali dell'Università di Palermo