L’Interruzione Volontaria di Gravidanza in Spagna - Lo studio dell’attuale dibattito sull’aborto volontario attraverso l’analisi del discorso della stampa spagnola (2013)


  • Mariacristina Sogos EM Master Gemma, Università di Bologna e Università di Granada




The study proposed in the present paper aims to report the contemporary debates on abortion law in Spain, arisen from intention of the current Government to limit the norm that regulates sexual and reproductive health and the access to voluntary termination of pregnancy procedures. The topic will be considered from a critical and feminist point of view (through the utilization of Critical Discourse Analysis) which aims at showing the way in which the media portray the issue of abortion and the debate around its legislation, and hence shape the public opinion on the complicated matter. From this point of view it is shown that to each ideology correspond a specific use and manipulation of the discourse that may either contribute to the reiteration of gender stereotypes or fight against gender discrimination of women caused by the restriction of their reproductive rights.