Women must be defended. Considerations on sex, race and anti-genderism after the Macerata shooting on 3rd February 2018


  • Elena Corsi University of Urbino, Italy




On 3rd February 2018, right-wing extremist Luca Trainishot at dark-skinned people to avenge the murder of an 18-year-old girl by foreigners. Building on this episode, the article will address the rhetoric of women's defense as sexist and racist forms of violence from the perspective of intersectional gender studies. The following points will be touched upon: 1. the defense of women as “disarming devices”, 2. the “rape-lynching complex” and the civilization process, 3. the emergence of patriarchy as a circle of violence and the evolutionary construction of the defenceless woman, 5. the shift from “foreign domination” to “defensive masculinity”, 6. the connection between security devices and femonationalism.

Keywords: sexist and racist violence, migration, gender stereotypes.