Tumori femminili: gli script emozionali del proprio sé corporeo in relazione all’iter terapeutico e alle rappresentazioni del dominio maschile


  • Ignazia Maria Bartholini Università di Palermo - Dipartimento cultura e società




This text provides on reflection on the effects of experience of female cancer in the emotional sphere and in the gender relations of 36 women of South Italy. The research aimed discussing the role of medicine as a social practice that imposes the domination of traditional representations in which female beauty is equivalent to the physical integrity and full functioning of specific attributes sexed (uterus and breast). It is an analysis particularly focusing on the transformations of perception of body as Körper and the emotions which, cross-sectionally, constitutes the self-perception of Leib.

The survey describes how language of medicine and power of male representations performs the subjectivities of female patients during the cancer-therapy delegitimizing their perceptions about own bodies and own sexuality


Keywords: female cancers, emotions, representations, male domination.


Author Biography

Ignazia Maria Bartholini, Università di Palermo - Dipartimento cultura e società

Ricercatrice afferente alDipartimento di Beni Culturali