Museums and Intersectionality.

New cultural challenges and the Italian reflection of "District X: multiple views on Museums"


  • Samuele Briatore Sapienza University of Rome, Italy



The new reflections on museums raise questions about contemporary demands which, as expressed in the Faro Convention, tend to recognize individual and collective responsibility towards cultural heritage. Museum narration requires participatory actions and an intersectional comparison that considers mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion of multiple identities. The article aims to reflect on intersectionality as a tool with which to conceive a subjectivity / identity other than the singular in the museum reality. Intersectionality is embraced by museums through participation and involvement actions: approaches that address the challenges arising from the cultural debate on inclusion. These actions show how involvement, participation and reflection from an intersectional point of view can transform attitudes and beliefs. In Italy, an example of involvement action is the project “District X. Plural Looks on Museums. Reflections on gender identity", which was promoted by the Cultural Department of the Municipality of Milan and by the School of Cultural Heritage and Activities Foundation. The project was developed in a participatory framework that directly related the commitment of the communities and the new stories that are told in the institution from an intersectional perspective.

Keywords: gender stereotypes, museum and intersectionality, cultural participation, Milano city, gender and culture.