Understanding apps concerning gender and sex(ualities): A scoping review


  • Rachele Reschiglian University of Padua, Italy
  • Olga Usachova University of Padua, Italy




The use of apps with regard to gender and sex(ualities) has received increased attention due to its theoretical importance and practical relevance. However, it is difficult to navigate the expanded literature as it comes from different disciplines, geographical areas, and contexts. By conducting scoping review, we concentrate on the social science domain. Through this review, we introduce a typology highlighting the heterogeneity of app use concerning gender and sex(ualities) across different contexts. We point out the four related areas, as an app in the context of dating online, sexual education, gender-based violence, and health. Our review reflects on the apps in the abovementioned contexts, topics cross-contamination, and suggest future research avenues.

Keywords: app, gender, sex(ualities), scoping review.