A focus on abortion support networks in Italy, between online and offline dimensions


  • Martina Facincani University of Bari, Italy




A reactionary wave is crashing down on the reproductive rights of women and pregnant persons. In facing these reactionary thrusts, (trans)feminist movements and abortion support networks around the world respond with forms of self-organisation and civil disobedience. In their information, denunciation and advocacy work, these groups are supported by digital technologies. Although telephone lines continue to be crucial, virtual spaces such as blogs and platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become fundamental tools for connection and diffusion, enabling support networks to cross national borders and bring to public attention the renegotiation of the representation of abortion practice. Even in Italy, where abortion was regulated by law 194/1978, significant application problems persist, making the existence of support groups such as OBRES and Ivg, ho abortito e sto benissimo! necessary to expand the debate on reproductive justice and democratise medical knowledge.

Keywords: abortion, abortion support networks, reproductive justice, (trans)feminism, digital activism.


2023-12-30 — Updated on 2024-01-17