The impact of stigma on the health of trans and nonbinary individuals: an interpretive proposal at the intersection with crip, disability, and neurodiverse perspectives


  • Fau Rosati La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy



Starting from a situated positioning, this paper aims to propose some reflections on the issue of the health of trans and nonbinary people, as members of oppressed social groups and, consequently, particularly exposed to unique and chronic sources of stress. In order not to fall into pathologizing, victimizing, and disempowering rhetoric, this work integrates perspectives from trans, crip, disability, and neurodiversity studies. To provide a comprehensive and complex view of trans health, this work examines the pervasive issues of cisgenderism and transphobia prevalent in Western societies, historically contributing to the pathologization of trans identities. Concluding with an interpretive framework at the intersection of trans identity and neurodiversity, different affirmative practices for health professionals and researchers will be proposed, aimed at enhancing the self-determination of trans and nonbinary individuals.

Keywords: trans, nonbinary, disability, neurodiversity, minority stress.