Gender Order and Compulsory Heteronormativity: a Theoretical Contribution of the Queer Political Economy


  • Gabriella Paulì Università del Salento - Lecce




This article briefly reconstructs the theoretical dialogue between political economy and queer theory and emphasizes how economic processes and economic policies may be analyzed through a queer perspective. It suggests some reflections on the connection between the transformation of the gender order in the European Union and the risk of reproduction of a heteronormative matrix starting from the analysis of the gendered economic effects of the austerity policies occurred during post global crisis. In so doing, this contribution explores a theoretical key to understand the relationship between economic and cultural sphere and it tries to show the necessity to get inside the hidden effects of the economics of austerity.


Keywords: heteronormativity, austerity policies, feminist and queer economics 


Author Biography

Gabriella Paulì, Università del Salento - Lecce

Dottoranda in Teoria e Ricerca Sociale - Dipartimento di Storia, Società e Studi sull'Uomo; Cultrice della materia in Storia dell'analalisi economica; Cultrice della materia in Economia politica dei sistemi di welfare.