Feminist Critique of the Italian Legislation on Gender Related Violence


  • Sara Cagliero Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  • Barbara Biglia Universitat Rovira i Virgili




In this article we propose a critical reflection on the Italian legislation on gender related violences.. In the text we use and promote the use of the expression gender violences (plural) as we consider that it allows to describe the violences based on gender stereotypes and gender power relations. As we will describe in the first section, we consider that the use of other expressions fail to highlight the common roots of the multiple expressions of gender related violences. The analysis we propose is part of a European research- action project - Gap Work - for the training of professionals who have daily contact with children and youth. The project has shown that in Italy the relatively recent legal interest in gender violences was not accompanied by a challenging of the heteropatriarcal power relations but, on the contrary, it served to preserve them in an allegedly more progressive pattern. 


Keywords: gender violences, normativity, legislation, feminism