Le donne palestinesi e la partecipazione alla lotta di liberazione nazionale.


  • Silvia Carbone Università di Messina- Dipartimento SUS (Scienze umane e sociali)




Today there is a vast literature that has demonstrated the importance of the variable "gender" to use as a lens of interpretation for the understanding of social change and the construction of the Nation-State. Using this approach, women are "rediscovered" as persons directly involved in nationalism and its ability biological / reproductive members of the community both as a national and national figures active in the struggle. In this work, we will try to reflect on the relationship between nationalism and gender identity, dwelling on the specific class affiliations of Palestinian women. This work proposed is oriented to an exploratory analysis of how gender participation in the struggle for Palestinian liberation. In an attempt to test the hypothesis that of class is a distinctive modality of participation in the struggle, there will be a short and focused analysis of the historical context. This will allow you to analyze in more detail the specific characteristics and the role of passive / active played by Palestinian women. 

Keywords: Nazionalism, Biopolitics-Women’s, Political Participation, Biological/Cultural Reproduction, Political Sociology, Gender Relations.

Author Biography

Silvia Carbone, Università di Messina- Dipartimento SUS (Scienze umane e sociali)

Dottore di ricerca in Sociologia Interculturale-Ricercatrice Freelance-