Insights into Healthcare-based Waste

Global Challenges of COVID Era


  • Mohd Yusuf Glocal University
  • Sukhvinder Pal Glocal University
  • Varun Kumar Sharma Glocal University
  • Munesh Sharma J.V. College, CCS University
  • Nizamul Haq Ansari Sant Baba Bhag Singh University
  • Umarfarooq A. Halyal Glocal University and M. G. V. C. Arts, Commerce and Science College



Globally, Covid-19 era, affects heavily to the whole world. In this timespan a huge increase in medical-usable products resulted into increase in healthcare-wastes which creates many types health related concerns worldwide. Medical-based wastes includes needles, scalpels, razors and broken glasses. Pathological Waste & Human or animal tissue, body parts, blood and fluids. Pharmaceutical Waste & Unused and expired drug or medicines, like creams, pills, antibiotics. Out of these, there are certain kind of particulars that may cause carcinogenicity, especially embedded-drugs, biochemical reagents and solvents etc. So, the treatment with scientific technologies and methodologies is essentially required. This paper overviews the environmental impact of healthcare-waste and related carcinogenic waste and their adverse consequences of handling and disposal methodologies.