Considerations upon the political dimensions of migration, sexism and racism questions within 8 March French feminist marches


  • Claudia Giorleo University of Calabria, Italy



Through the categories of gender, migration and citizenship, the aim of this paper is to provide context for feminist movements activism in France, starting from the analysis of the 8 March feminists marches (for the period 2017-2018) and political debates on the ban of headscarves in France (began in 1989 and continue running), I argue that a connection emerges between two macro-phenomena: the reproduction of racism and whiteness; the narration of feminist theory and politics organised around a limited number of central axes and internalised progress narratives. In particular, such connection may prove that the discourse about migration could not be effective without an increase in the importance of the France’s color-blind discourse with regard to racial categorization, both in terms of an exploitation of the category of ‘race’ in cultural production, and of an increasing in stereotyping the debate ‘feminism and the veil’ on the cultural and social landscapes.

Keywords: migration, gender, feminist marches.