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AG About Gender, International Journal of Gender Studies is a peer reviewed international journal which aims to be a reference point for scholars, academics and non-academics engaged in research and reflection on gender, with an interdisciplinary view. AG intends to enhance the dialogue between interpretative approaches and different analytical perspectives. 

AG is published every six months in Italian, English and Spanish and proposes both theoretical and empirical original articles, essays and papers (for further information see the menu above "Sections of the Journal").

AG About Gender accepts contributions on any topic from any field, provided both their theoretical and empirical analyses are based on a conscious and articulated gender perspective. The capability of utilizing the gender category as a key to the analysis of social, historical and cultural phenomena is in fact a crucial element in the evaluation of the papers received.

AG is an international Journal, online-only, which aims to stimulate debate and encourage international dissemination of published contributions. 

AG About Gender is an open access journal.

AG About Gender, International Journal of Gender Studies is a partner of Sociologist for Women in Society.

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Current Issue

Vol. 11 No. 21 (2022): 2012-2022. A decade debating AboutGender
Published: 2022-06-14


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