Peer review

The blind peer review process takes place by a double and contemporary revision of the submitted article. In order to make sure that the correct procedure is followed, the authors are asked to make their contribution anonymous, by:

  1. deleting their names from the file text and using "Author" and year, instead of the relevant names, article title, etc. in references and notes;
  2. blacking out acknowledgements or references to collaborations that may constitute a clear clue to their identity;
  3. in Microsoft Office documents, removing the identification elements which are present in the file properties (File menu in MSWord).

If the contribution is accepted, after the referees have sent their suggestions, the authors will replace the strings, thus making the contribution identifiable.

It is also vital that all indications given by the site when the paper is submitted are carefully followed (such information can also be found in the online guide – which can be seen by clicking on the 'Help' link on the left hand bar - and on the following pages of the OJS guide: Authors' Userguide), so that the authors' data can be inserted to accompany the article, when this is published.

Editorial rules for the three sections of AG ("Articles", "Work in Progress" and "Reviews") are available for download here: Contributions general features. The bibliographic and formatting standards are available for download here: Authors' Guidelines.

Reviewers' guidelines can be found in the online guide - which can be viewed by clicking on the Journal Help button on the right-hand bar - and in these pages from the OJS guide: Reviewers' Userguide.