Métaphores et formules du discours sur les migrations


  • Eleonora Giglio


In this study we analyse how variations of the formule « vague migratoire » (migratory wave) are used and how they are connected with a cognitive metaphor of liquid in the press concerning migration. Some sequences based on « vague » (i.e. « wave + adjective » and « wave + preposition + noun ») seem to be variations of the same formule, implying therefore important issues in the migrants’ representation. Our main aim is to show the link between cognitive metaphors fixation and the spreading of formules. After that, we conduct a discourse analysis to illustrate the argumentative effects of this liquid metaphor. We based our research on a press corpus (Le Monde) and on Calabrese et Veniard (2018), Goatly (2007), Krieg-Planque (2009) and Moirand’s (2007) theories.